Half Marathon

Treadmill Speed & Incline Table

From coach Jack Daniels' book Running Formula, the table above details various treadmill speed and incline variations and how they equate to the demands of running on flat ground. 

Training Basics Part 2: Training Zones

This is the second in a series of articles outlining the foundations of running specific training.  This article explains the four key training zones and their specific purpose.  The next article in the series will explore how to apply them in building a training plan.

Training Basics Part 1: Big Ideas

This is the first in a series of articles outlining the key concepts in understanding the foundations of running specific training.  

As runners we put a great deal of thought into planning and strategizing our training. Whether you are a beginning runner looking t...

Control Your Emotions

Research, common sense and almost ever runner's experience will tell you the optimal path to a PR or other fast time is to run an evenly paced race.  Start too slow and while you'll have plenty of gas at the end, you simply won't have the leg turnover to make up the seconds or minutes you left ...

My Favorite Early Season Workouts

Preparing for a 5K, 10K or even Half Marathon buildup can be tricky.  Before you get into the race specific workouts of your build cycle, you have to establish a strong aerobic base through plenty of volume.  The challenge is how to enter the build phase a little crisper that someone who j...